Free Men Of the Sea
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What We Do
Come along on an adventure with Free Men Of the Sea!  We provide a variety of activities that accommodate all ages and settings.  Whether the focus is on education or entertainment, or the facts or fiction of pirates and privateers, we perform with skill and enthusiasm.  We strive to enlighten, intrigue, and entertain on land or at sea! 

Examples of Services:

    We present historical interpretations on land or at sea of pirates and privateers from the Golden Age of Piracy (1690’s-1730’s) through the War of 1812.  We adapt personas that are appropriate for the time period, including clothing, weaponry, and equipment.

Demonstrations/Discussions on:
-    Period military protocol

-    Black powder pistols, rifles, cannons, edged weapons, etc…

-    Living history encampments-demonstrations of:
 daily life, leather work, ship’s doctor’s role/instruments, cooking, ladies’ tea, mock trials, types of  punishments, games/gambling, period weaponry, period navigational instruments, sailors’ knots and more.

   Sing sea shanties

   Living history reenactments

-    Participate in sea festivals

-    Sail tall ships

-    March in parades

-    Act in documentaries, movies, TV

   Opportunities with the non-profit tall ship, Quinnipiack, a traditionally rigged 91' wooden schooner out of New Haven, CT - available for charters for:  pirate sails for adults and children, tall ship festivals, historic venues,movies, documentaries, TV, promotional activities, etc…
   Interactive presentations/entertainment for educational institutions, businesses, historic occasions, festivals, and fundraising
   Coordination/collaboration with other reenacting resources & groups for purposes of sea battles, encampments, and demonstrations
   Consultation, resources, and research for movies, documentaries, authors, and museums
-    Original and reproduction pirate artifacts for exhibit/demonstrations
   Articles and book reviews about pirates and privateers

  Present seminars  on all aspects of pirates and privateers

FMOS is fully insured; insurance information available upon request
Listen to a Shanty