Free Men Of the Sea
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     Free Men Of the Sea was founded by Neal J. Kirk in1990.  Neal is the Captain and Commander of FMOS, frequently portraying the infamous pirate/privateer, Captain William Kidd.  Neal’s love and knowledge of reenacting, history, and nautical lore impassioned him into creating a nautical living history group that would make history come alive.  What started off as a small band of like minded re-enactors and friends,  has now developed into a crew of over 40 professional, versatile, talented pirates and privateers who are Free Men Of the Sea.

     Based in East Hampton, Connecticut, FMOS brings the myth and reality of pirates and privateers to life.  Free Men Of the Sea’s name was adapted from the return hail pirates would give before they attacked their prey.  In response to the query hail, “Who are you, and from what port?” The pirates would respond, “We are free men, from the sea!” Like most pirate crews, Free Men Of the Sea is made up of men and women, both young and old, from various cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

    Free Men Of the Sea carries out its mission of educating and entertaining by using a hands-on, interactive approach.  We integrate a variety of activities such as: educational presentations, weapons demonstrations, encampments, sailing, and singing sea shanties, in an array of educational, historic, and multimedia venues.

     FMOS has performed along the East Coast and Canada, and will go wherever adventure calls. The crew has worked with a variety of tall ships, sea festivals, living history events, authors, educational venues such as museums, schools and libraries, as well as participated in a variety of films and documentaries as actors, and history consultants. 

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